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Students of the Month for April

 Students of the Month for April









This student has one of the kindest and most open hearts I have ever seen. She plays with all the friends in the classroom and makes sure to pay compliments to everyone. She plays with the girls and the boys and celebrates everyone for who they are. This student gets excited about any partner she has even someone she doesn't know as well and really commits to getting to know them. Most importantly she helps people who may struggle and admits when she struggles herself. We are so proud to have such an accepting student in our classroom. Thank you Nora Pai.




This student demonstrates the character trait of acceptance very well in our kindergarten class. She is always understanding, compassionate, and patient. If something isn’t going her way, she never complains. She gets along easily with others. She knows how to respect the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of her classmates, and she’s always willing to listen to what others have to say. We are so blessed to have her in our class. Congratulations Harper!




"Come one, come all and I'll be your friend!" are words that our student of the month may be heard saying. This child can be found playing with any child on any given day. She doesn't have one friend, or two friends, she is a friend to all. You may see her in the halls waving to you, whether you are a teacher, student, or parent. She is not afraid to show her true colors nor is she afraid to share what she loves. If you're ever feeling lonely, stop by room 401 and meet our student of the month to learn about horses and listen to her creative stories about unicorns. For accepting yourself and all others, Ariel you are the student of the month!



In First Grade, bringing your “A” game in April took on a new meaning! Together we had many class discussions about what it means to be described as a student who displays acceptance. As a class we defined acceptance as practicing kindness and consideration for all, including and accepting those around you, showing empathy towards others, and taking the time to understand others’ thoughts, ideas and feelings. This student did not only display acceptance of others, but she also acknowledged her own personal strengths and weaknesses. She encouraged her classmates when they struggled with a math problem of the day and celebrated with them when they were successful. She accepted help from peers or teachers graciously, listened attentively, and never gave up when attempting new tasks. Dharma, congratulations on being the class 1-2 Student of the Month!




Some people need to grow into acceptance. Our student of the month did just that! His friends tell me that he let's them go first in a game or throw a ball even though he may have caught it. He accepts all his friend’s different abilities. He is so willing to work with anyone and just be a calming force in the chaotic second grade classroom. When he gets stuck behind a door, he says, "It's ok I'll just go to the back of the line." He's just so accepting! And we are honored to accept Brayden, our student of the month.



Accepting others and yourself demonstrates a great sense of love and respect! This young man always engages with others and listens to their suggestions. He also makes it a point to allow others to share in his activities or play with his toys. He unconditionally loves everyone and is always willing to accept us all no matter what!! Congratulations Ofori.



Every month, we use our "bucket filler" notes, which the students write to one another, to help us choose our Student of the Month. This month our winner received an overwhelming amount of notes from many different members of the class. These notes thanked her for being kind, allowing them to join in games, sitting with them at lunch and sharing without expecting anything in return. She accepts students as they are and encourages them to be the best person they can be. Beyond accepting and loving her peers, she also willingly accepts the consequences of her actions, both positive and negative, and learns from them to improve herself. Thank you for being such a role model and loving example in our class, Sophia C!



The greatest gift that you can give to others is unconditional love and acceptance. This quote perfectly defines 5th grade’s student of the month. He shows acceptance towards others with his everlasting patience, understanding, and love. He shows acceptance with himself when he acknowledges his faults and works to improve upon them. He is tolerant of his classmates and teacher, even when it is not always the easiest, and continues with a smile and positive attitude. Thank you for your tolerance and understanding Sam.



This student was picked as student of the month by his peers because of the many ways he exemplifies acceptance. His classmates have said that he accepts challenges, new friends, feedback and success with grace. They have emphasized that he never denies anything. If he does not do something correct then he continues to try with a positive attitude. Most importantly, this student accepts everyone and is never rude, sassy, or mean. We are so blessed to have such an accepting and constructive person in our classroom. Congratulations Aldo!



This student demonstrates acceptance in her academic life, as well as her social life. She accepts feedback in class with grace and accepts challenges with determination and a smile! She shows kindness and acceptance toward all of her peers, especially those who might not have someone to talk with at lunch, study hall, or recess. The student of the month is Patricia.



Being open to new challenges, being open to change, being open to differences are all challenging tasks. This student has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and helping all classmates through tough times. When faced with a challenge, he often thinks it through and gives it a try, he does not give up. Although there have been many ups and downs throughout middle school, this young man continues to accept challenges, friends, and tough situations in a positive manner. We are so proud of you, Aidan.