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Students of the Month for February

February Students of the Month







Kindergarten 1

This student is one of the most loving human beings I have ever met. He makes sure to give his teachers and friends hugs EVERY day. He smiles all the time and shares compliments and joy with others. He waves to adults in the building who come back just to visit his smiling face. It is so often hard to express such an intangible idea. Love is an intense feeling to share and this student gives it so willingly to everyone he knows. His love of his family is so beautiful, as he worries about his mother and protecting her, and how he wants to build things for his young sister so she can have everything she wants. We are so lucky to have such a LOVING student such as Henry Morrison in our class this year.


Kindergarten 2

This student is an exceptional role model who is always promoting love and kindness. It’s amazing to see her enthusiasm to help and share her love with others. She has spent some weekends helping our parish prepare bags for the less fortunate members of our community. She volunteers at Central Park Conservancy because she cares a lot about the environment. We were so proud of her when we learned that she celebrated her 5th birthday raking leaves at the park with her friends. In class, she is an active advocate of sharing toys during choice time. She is also a very thoughtful friend. She often surprises her teachers and friends with homemade cards to show how much she cares and appreciates them. We are so lucky to have you in our class, Siún Hickey. Congratulations!!!


Class 1-1

When I asked the children to share who they thought the most loving child in first grade was, they all shouted a name in unison. When I asked other teachers to share their thoughts, they all said the same name. What makes this child so loving is that he loves every neighbor as he loves himself. He is not best friends with one or two children; he is best friends with all 19 of his classmates. He does not fear giving hugs to show this love. If you ever need to feel better, visit class 1-1 and say hello to Jacob Medina. His smile will make your day! Congratulations Jacob!


Class 1-2

While the formal definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection, “ we know that definition cannot sum up what love is. Love is intangible and cannot be taught, from a book like other school subjects, but children can learn what love is through positive experiences and interactions with others. This student is full of LOVE and defines love as “hugging my teachers every morning.” Every morning she greets her teachers with a warm good morning hug and a smile in Church Hall. Among the many things she loves tennis, tulips and the color purple are at the top of her list. Throughout the day she is constantly using kind words, sharing materials with others, helping friends when they need it and approaching new tasks with optimism and a “can-do” attitude. Her love for learning and positivity for everything is infectious! Congratulations Ellery Schalk for being our student of the month!



Second Grade

In the words of second graders, here's why they chose our student of the month. "She sees someone sad and says 'Do you want to play with me?'" "She is helpful, kind, and caring." "She says, 'Are you ok?', when someone falls." "She looked in somebody's mailbox and saw something, and she gave it to the person who almost left it behind." These are just the highlights of why second grade chose Claire as their loving classmate!


Third Grade

When you need to see that smile, when you need to feel that hug, when you need to hear those special words, you need love. There is one student who is always there to share her bright smile, share a huge hug, or give some warm words. The student of the month for loving is Siena DiNardo.


Fourth Grade

Fourth graders have outgrown showing love by hugging their friends or running to greet them with a smile. They do, however, generously share with their friends, offer consoling words or a laugh, and are forgiving of their classmate's discretions. They respect both peers and adults and are quick with a heartfelt apology should they overstep a boundary. This student does all these things in school and beyond. Lately, they have begun showing their love for their family and themselves by buckling down on their academics and improving their work ethic. They are a valued member of our class and we are so happy to recognize Jaden Diaz as our student of the month.


Fifth Grade

A friend to all, someone to offer a pat on the back, the first person to volunteer to bring someone to the nurse's office when they're hurt, recognizes when others might not be quite themselves... these are just some of the things that come to mind when thinking about how this student shows love on a daily basis. Her smiling is contagious and constant, her laughter brings others to laugh, and she opens her heart up to all. Congratulations Davelynn Lohier!


Sixth Grade

Choosing student of the month is always a challenging endeavor. However, with February as the month of love, the task was even more difficult. Thus, I deferred to the students. I asked students to work together at their tables to choose their most loving classmate. I was overjoyed when I noticed how quickly and easily they all wrote the same name. They described this student as kind, respectful, caring, and helpful (even when someone is mean or frustrated). Almost unanimously, her class deemed her encouraging and loving. This teacher whole-heartedly agrees. Congratulations Celeste Oyeku!


Seventh Grade

Love can be expressed in many ways. The words affection, adore, and affinity are synonymous with the word love. One student has expressed love with their family life, school community, friends, learning, and of course God, and this can be seen on a daily basis.

The presence of this student has and continues to bring love and happiness to the lives of many students of the SBS community, primarily because this student can always show how applying love towards their beliefs and their life benefits all.

I am very pleased to honor Rosario Campos as student of the month.


Eighth Grade

In 8th Grade, loving everyone is hard to ask. This student is very caring and loving to all her classmates. She helps everyone who is in need and makes sure everyone in class is prepared. She lovingly shares her pencils, her notes, and often a kind word of encouragement. She is always helping any student or adult in need. We are so lucky to have such a loving friend, Jeanine Jabon!