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Remote Learning

Our students' learning and growth continue uninterrupted despite the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our faculty continues to work together to develop and implement a  successful Hybrid Model. We are blessed to have a faculty committed to not only educational excellence, but also the spiritual, social, and emotional development of every child at Blessed Sacrament. They work many long hours to ensure our students' virtual academic experience is the finest and they continue to reflect and evaluate as we continue our hybrid model.    
Currently hybrid students in cohort A attend in person classes on Monday and Tuesday.  Hybrid students in cohort B attend in person classes on Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday rotates between cohorts for in person days.  Families have the option to choose full remote learning.

Currently, our curriculum is utilizing live Zoom instruction during regular school hours.
We are using Google Classroom as our main platform for all work. This has been the best form of communication between students and teachers as well as the students amongst themselves. We continue to offer all our specials such as P.E., computer science, library, music, and art as well!